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Dying Father Surprises his Daughters with a touching act!

Dying Father Surprises his Daughters with a touching act!

This is just amazing you have to check the above link out and watch the video!

Motivation, where do you get it from?

Motivation is something that you can control by how you react to life and those who are around you! I have a few motivational posters here that may bring some light to you and your situation. For most of my life, I have had people tell me that I couldn’t or shouldn’t be able to accomplish something. The only thing that this did and continues to do is to motivate me to prove people wrong. Sometimes in tough situations you find that family and friends may question or even doubt you, but that is when you find out who really has your back and supports you! Enjoy these posters, I just did a search on motivational posters on Google and this is some of what showed up! I think that the last one is the best!








Watch TV and earn rewards, Viggle


Have you ever wondered if you could earn rewards while watching television? You can! If you have a smart phone either android or Apple iPhone. You can download Viggle. Whats this, It’s an app that allows you to check into television shows earn points and redeem them for prizes and gifts! They will let you check-in by just listening to your Television and you will be able to take quizzes and also chat with others who are currently watching that show as well.  Prices include Starbucks gift cards, Apple TV, and even a Kindle Fire.

Market Force Mystery Shopper

I have been looking around recently for mystery shopper companies. They allow you to shop at various stores or restaurants, get free products or food while being paid! I saw many shopper companies out there and I have had friends and family members use this mystery shopper site. Most shopper sites required you to pay for a membership without any guarantee that you would be selected for a shopper.  This site is different you have to go online and apply at I went online and applied last Thursday and was accepted on Friday. Today, I accepted my first assignment. I will be completing less than a week after applying online.

This company will allow me to do shopping reports with companies such as:

Image Image ImageImage

Making Money Online Accomplished. No Joke! ZNZ one

Making Money Online Accomplished. No Joke! ZNZ one

This past weekend, I spent the weekend traveling to Boston to visit my brother Keith Spencer. He was very helpful and talked to me about making money online with ZNZ One. I was and have been skeptical, I believed though it was time to act. I went online and signed up for ZNZ one and it has made me a believer. How you do this is you go to ZNZ one and sign up using my referral link. I will give you $3 for your signup once you go online and select the trial of for just $1.99. This will allow you to earn $20 for referring people to this site as well and doing the same. You will be able to also select a domain .com website that you can use to market for you or your business.

Here is what you can do to make money now!

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5. Rinse and repeat this very same process with them.
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My Cancer Testimonial

Driving the Boilermaker Special

I was diagnosed with Brain cancer when I was about 2 years old my parents realized that I was constantly sick. It was much more than just the common ear infection or runny nose that an infant gets. I was constantly having headaches and nausea. I was taken to my family doctor at the time who said I was just fine and there is nothing to be worried about. My mom was a nurse and knew something was wrong and got a second opinion. Upon getting the second opinion they told my parents that I had brain cancer.

They had to make a decision about my procedure; I was given some radiation and Chemotherapy prior to surgery. This was a very risky operation on an infant. I was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis where I had the operation done by a children doctor. I had the operation done and personally I do not remember much besides I now have a scar that reminds me daily of my battle with cancer. I have been cancer free since 1991 which has been over 25 years without cancer!  I was very blessed to have survived.

If you are interested in supporting cancer research go to, where you can donated to cancer research and sign up for the Challenge 5K walk/run that will be held in West Lafayette, Indiana. This is a little about me, the majority of these posts have been about Consumer behavior up to this point. I figured I would change it up a bit and give some background information.