ESPN this is Sportscenter!

Recently there has been a great deal of talk about the Masters that occurred this past weekend. There has been a great deal of talk about Phil Mickelson. He has won his third Green jacket, amongst the talk of Tiger Woods returning to the golf course. With all this going on during the past week, Today I saw what I thought was a great commercial for ESPN.

Upon watching this commercial many of you see that Arnold Palmer is featured in the office with his caddy getting a drink. There are 2 different containers one of Lemonade and the other of Iced Tea. It’s to signify the famous Arnold Palmer Half and Half beverage sold at most golf courses. Scott van Pelt and Stuart Scott watch in awe as Arnold Palmer prepares his drink.

The target market they are trying to portray this message for is those who play golf and care about the sport. Arnold Palmer is 80 years old and has been golfing on the tour for 50+ years. He is a legend to the sport of golf and was also the honorary starter of the masters along with Jack Nicholas. This then appeals to not just the golf fans but ESPN sports nation.

From Google Images

The other aspect shown in this message is advertisement for Arnold Palmers Famous Half and Half drink! This drink is made by the Arizona Drink Company, they are getting great advertisement for their product through this ESPN commercial. That is a great idea, I enjoy this drink, it’s essentially an energy drink for golfers with a great amount of sugar. It’s a refreshing drink to have on the golf course. Many times when I refer to drinking a Half and Half, people think I am referring to coffee creamers. Thus this commercial also gets recognition for the drink. It gets its name by having half Lemonade and Half Iced Tea! Not that it is just a coffee creamer! Good Job ESPN and Arnold Palmer!


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