Consumption and The Gods Must be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy


The Gods Must be Crazy is about how consumption can lead to evil behaviors. The movie shows how to be content with what you have and that anything that is unnatural is bad. A coke can is sent to the tribe and they find uses for this bottle and then it causes evil and they try to get rid of it.  

The message of this film is to talk about how consumption can be evil and how it can change the way of life for an entire tribe. The tribe is very happy with the way they live using the natural resources. Then they receive what to them is a tool from their gods. They think that it will help them so they find many uses for this one coke bottle. The problem then occurs that each and every person in the tribe would like to use this object at the same time. This then causes people in the tribe to get attitudes with each other and bad emotions come out. They have multiple encounters and arguments over this bottle.  

If we did not have any more automobiles, cell phones, and television, there would be a lack of communication. People would be much better off if they did not take all this stuff for granted. We have created a monster of products.  

Humans may have mastered these items, although we are becoming slaves to these products. We can also become dependent on certain items. If we don’t have them we will throw fits. You look at the simplest form; you have kids who throw temper tantrums at the store because they can’t have a certain new toy! They think they must have it and it will bring them happiness. This will occur again the next time they go to the store and the toys will become old and invaluable.    

Humans can live without certain items; people believe that we deserve to have certain things because we earn them. This makes people upset, jealous and causes fights between people. This is what the coke bottle represents that we are slaves to the items that we create! If we could all be thankful for these products then we might not become slaves.  

Holding the Coke bottle -from google images-


The product that was used in this film was a coke can. This brought evil to the tribe and was then thrown out by the leader of the tribe. They wanted to get rid of anything that caused evil and give it back to the Gods. The individual ran this object to the edge of the earth as he thought and threw it off to get rid of it! This shows that we should not become dependent upon a product that will bring evil to the community. 

Consumers have been taking products for granted for many years. If you get a chance to watch this movie you should take the time to do so! It will teach you a lot about how much that we have and take for granted. It is in 11 parts on This will give you a new understanding of consumption!


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