My Cancer Testimonial


Driving the Boilermaker Special


I was diagnosed with Brain cancer when I was about 2 years old my parents realized that I was constantly sick. It was much more than just the common ear infection or runny nose that an infant gets. I was constantly having headaches and nausea. I was taken to my family doctor at the time who said I was just fine and there is nothing to be worried about. My mom was a nurse and knew something was wrong and got a second opinion. Upon getting the second opinion they told my parents that I had brain cancer.   

They had to make a decision about my procedure; I was given some radiation and Chemotherapy prior to surgery. This was a very risky operation on an infant. I was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis where I had the operation done by a children doctor. I had the operation done and personally I do not remember much besides I now have a scar that reminds me daily of my battle with cancer. I have been cancer free since 1991 which is going to be going on 20 years without cancer within the next year!  I was very blessed to have survived.   

If you are interested in supporting cancer research go to, where you can donated to cancer research and sign up for the Challenge 5K walk/run that will be held in West Lafayette, Indiana. This is a little about me, the majority of these posts have been about Consumer behavior up to this point. I figured I would change it up a bit and give some background information. 


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