Used Truck Purchase

I previously wrote about how my Dad and I were traveling to purchase a used truck in Wisconsin. It was an interesting experience for me to watch the sales process of a used car dealer. Upon our arrival at the car dealership in Wisconsin, the dealer seemed to be pretty busy with cars going in and out for test drives and also with the phone’s ringing pretty rapidly.

With all the new technology that is rising, it seems that people are often looking online for cars now more than ever. This is how my Dad located this vehicle. He had done his research and looked all over the internet and various different websites. While at the dealer I noticed that the dealer was getting constant calls about his cars that he had listed on his website or various other sites.

My dad was very thorough when searching for this truck he had asked many questions to make sure that he was not going to get blinded by problems with the truck. We got there and had a list of items to check before we purchased the vehicle. I had noticed a few scratches in the paint here and there as well as some other damage and my dad almost immediately told me that he was already aware of this or that problem. Needless to say we checked everything from the lights to the underside of the motor to make sure that everything was in prime condition. My dad had me look over the inside of the vehicle. I felt as if I was a kid in the candy store looking at all the gadgets in the car. I checked the windows, locks, radio, cd player, lights, gauges and the shape of the interior.

It was a great looking truck, the disadvantage of hearing about this vehicle online is that you never get to see it physically unless you travel a great distance to look at it. You don’t get that sense of confidence untill you look at it in person and look over it. It is a lot easier to trust your own eyes over the eyes of the salesperson.

When we finished looking over the truck we took it for a drive, as were many other individual that day. We saw many other trucks leave the lot and return just a few minutes later. Some seemed to be impressed with the car and others didn’t. My dad made sure to test everything inside the vehicle despite that I told him everything already worked.

Upon sitting down at the desk with the sales representative. He had to ask for identity and the form of payment for the truck. Upon finishing up the paperwork  the sales rep quickly started talking about an extended warranty for the truck with about 24,000 miles or like 3 years at $2,000 and then offered another extension for 48,000 miles or 6 years at $3,000. Which ever one comes first. Many consumers when they hear that think its a great idea I can have a 6 year warranty and if anything goes wrong then I can get it fixed for free. The catch is or 48,000 miles. It is common for people to go through about 12,o00 miles a year in travel. This means the warranties will last maybe 2 years or 4 years respectively. Thus you are stuck 5 years later looking for service.  The car companies also will attempt to find out any reason that the warranty is void. If you are pulling a trailer or have installed different hitches on the truck the warranty is then void! Thus a waste of money the first time you get it fixed.

Needless to say my Dad did not get the warranty but did purchase the truck and since has done many checks on the engine and other aspects under the hood! The truck has been near perfection and as the Used car representative said! Most consumers will get cars that are rip offs and junk cars, thus you have to be very cautious as a consumer who is looking for a used car! The best way is to get referrals from your family and friends whom have bought cars in the recent years! They will be able to tell you who may try to lie to you or sell you a junk car!


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