Spring Break Travel… Not so FAST

The sunset at Indianapolis International Airport


Well I have found myself at the airport for the last 6 hours and still not set to leave for another 3 hours. My flight has been delayed over 4 hours! I know this may be a rant, but I am going to try to relate it to consumer behavior. This morning I was able to print off the boarding passes and was able to get through security just fine upon arrival at the gate I noticed my flight was delayed. I knew because of this I was going to miss my connecting flight in Baltimore that would send me to my end destination in Boston. I have been to 3 ticket counters since and finally got a hotel voucher for Baltimore and a flight out early in the morning Friday. I was given 3 different stories at each desk. It was very frustrating. I was finally given an answer that they would not be able to give me another flight tonight and I would have to wait on my original flight! I talked to a gentleman at one point who was a new worker and he told me I would be out tonight on a different flight but he was at the lowest of the chain of command. Finally, the Supervisor had to correct him.  

As I sit here listening to a flight boarding to Las Vegas, I have heard numerous announcements. I overheard an announcement saying that all the flights for all airlines are booked full for Friday! I was surprised to hear that.I believe that due to the drop in airline prices people are traveling more! I have run into many college students who are from Purdue and Indiana University who are heading out. I have also seen numerous Big Ten School apparel get off to enjoy the Big Ten Tournament this weekend. It’s a busy weekend in Indianapolis and all over the country for its prime time travel for spring break!  

Air Tran Logo from google images


I was as courteous as I could be to the flight representatives. You could see the stress in the faces of the supervisor. I knew there was nothing they could do so I just waited patiently.  I was very happy to leave that person with a smile on their face. The delays are weather related and out of the control of an Airline company.  

I know that there are a great deal of people traveling over spring break and this will happen often. It is very interesting to observe the consumer behavior while here at the gate. Some like me who are content and fine with waiting are watching as the others who yell at each time a further delay is announced. They then proceed to head to the counter and talk with the supervisor! It’s not going to do any good for people to rush to the ticket counter and bother them, it will not get the plane here sooner! If you are traveling over spring break let this be your warning to be patience and expect delays! To finish off this post, they just came across the microphone system and said due to the inconvenience that everyone on the flight will get a free Roundtrip flight to anywhere Air Tran flies! Thats a great way to make a group of travels happy!! That is what I call great customer service!


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