Apartment.. Going once… twice…SOLD

My roommate that I wrote the apartment hunting article as my first post has made his arrangements for his Junior year. He went along with his friends to check out the apartment about 2 weeks ago. They choose to check out an apartment on Littleton street. Upon setting up the appointment they showed up and they were met by one of their male representatives, who was also in charge of maintenance of the property. My roommate was very impressed because he told the truth, because he knew about the property. The knowledge he had was much greater than other representatives. The representative was on time and was very friendly and showed them around the property the good and the bad. the location of these apartments was ideal for my roommate, They are located just about 4 blocks from campus and also only a few blocks away from the bar.

My roommate was very happy to have had a great place to live, it’s not a bad location for  the traffic noise is limited. They also have a balcony that was a big plus for them to allow them to potentially get fresh air and also sit on the porch and grill. When the visit was over, the representative gave my roommate information about the apartment and his business card for future contact. My roommate talked with his parents to figure out if this was the place for him and if he should continue forward with signing the lease. His parents approved and then he went to talk to his friend on when to move forward and reserve the apartment.

Are you signing your life away?

My roomate and his friend scheduled an appointment with the leasing company. They were able to get a time that the majority of them could meet. This allowed for each of them to be present in order to sign the lease. They all felt welcome and that they were making the right decision based on the friendliness of the staff.

The leasing company did a great job in appealing to my roomate and his friends. The previous places my roomate visited were a bit more repulsive and unfriendly. They were late or did not have the right key on them. My roomate felt they were not getting ripped off and getting the service they were paying for. They know if there is something were to break or need attention in the apartment the staff would be easily approached. Then it would get solved in a timely manner. This should be the way that all agencies should be, the attitude and comfort level of the staff is a huge factor in purchasing. Other companies he looked at failed to do so and thus lost the sale!


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