Diet Coke Bottle

New Coke Bottles From Google Images


Recently I went to Harrison Grill on campus and was in line and this bottle caught my eye. It was a Diet Coke Silver Bottle. I immediately was interested in the type of bottle I picked it up and purchased it! It is a new bottle that looks cool and that got me to purchase the bottle. I was surprised to see that it was such a shape like a health drink. If you have seen other bottles like this for health drinks like vitamin water and others. The marketing scheme worked on me! I purchased this bottle just because it looked cool. To my surprise after research they have this same bottle for Coke and Coke Zero. It is a great way to have the cutting edge on consumer behavior if you can create something of interest to them! I think there are many other people who will be like me and purchase this just because of the cool bottle! It was a great idea to sell this at a college campus! 

The below link is to a website where they allow you to design your own style coke bottle:


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