Gass Guzzler proves to be safe!

My Dad's wrecked Truck

  I am writing on my way to Wisconsin with my Dad to pick up his new pickup truck, it’s a red 2001 Ford F-250 Power Stroke Diesel. My Dad was recently in a wreck where he was T-boned by a School Bus (with no kids on it). My Dad was a very lucky man, at the time he had a 2002 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel. The picture shows that he was hit on the driver’s side door, the most dangerous place to get hit besides head on. He is very lucky to be alive and to have walked away from the accident! It has given me a new meaning to purchasing a vehicle and the idea for this blog. My dad did not have any internal issues besides a severely bruised rib and a cut on his head that required staples. He had a concussion on impact and lacks memory from the accident.

When people go to buy cars it seems that it’s all about going green! Who can put the next best car with the best MPG! You have cars coming out with 30 or more MPG. They usually are smaller cars that are more acceptable to damage in minor accidents. If you get in a fender bender it could easily cost you thousands to fix it. They have a design that is supposed to crush and absorb the hit on impact while lessening the impact on the cab of the car! More recently some cars even have side airbags! These are all features that are good when purchasing a vehicle.  I feel that they advertise more toward a green car because they want to appeal to protecting the environment and saving money in your pocket.

Think Green from Google Images

My dad told me when I was young that “cars are like loaded guns, just waiting to go off. So handle with care!” that was no more evident to me when I saw my dad’s truck in person after the wreck. I look at his truck now and think to myself that safety is much more important than MPG. It was a diesel truck that got about an average of 20 MPG. It was not much but was good for a 02 Ford F-350. More importantly the design of the truck was able to absorb the impact and allow the passenger to be safe.  Safety should be the number one advertising method for vehicles because when you get in a wreck the first question is not how many MPG did the car get? The first question is usually about the safety of those involved. We should be willing to pay more for gas in the long run to have a vehicle that would save your life! I look at the pictures of his truck and think if he would have been in a smaller car that would have had better gas mileage he may not have been here still today! The first vehicle I buy after graduation, I will focus on the safety features over the MPG of the car. I will ideally be looking for a truck that will protect me. I want to be prepared if an accident like this were to happen to me! 

As I said earlier we are on our way to pick up his new truck and I am sure it will be an interesting experience for me and my Dad. I am looking forward to see how the sales experience goes. I am going to be graduating with a degree in Selling and Sales management. I plan to go into professional sales. I am looking forward to see how the sales person is going to be. I will be writing about the experience in the near future. My dad and I are going prepared with a list of things to look for in the vehicle, it’s a used car that has only had one owner. When dealing with used cars you can get in trouble if you don’t pay attention to detail. We are going to look at many aspects like the windows, electronics, door seals, and interior. My dad has not purchased the vehicle and is going to make sure the truck is in the shape described on the dealer website!


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