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I am an active seller on amazon. com, My username is purduefan11989. I have just recently started a selling account on Amazon. I have started selling my old school books. I have found it very interesting to observe the buying habits of the Amazon customers. I have sold the majority of my books, I have employed a tactic that I have found to be very useful. I usually will look at the average selling price of the book I am selling and then sell if or just under that value by 5 cents. I have found that even though I am a new seller they will buy from me if I price it just 5 cents below the average. If the average is $45.00, I will sell my book for $49.95. It will sell much sooner than all the books that are priced for the $45.00. It is a small sacrifice for me to sell my book quicker. My family tells me you used to be able to get a gallon of gas for 5 cents. These days you will be lucky to get some bubble gum for that price!

The consumers behavior I notice here is that when prices end in .95 it seems that is much less than paying the whole 1.oo amount. Someone who pays 19.95 for something considers it much less than paying $20.00, when it is only 5 cents cheaper. Another is that people on amazon are just looking for the lowest price regardless of the seller’s  experience. I am a new seller on Amazon, but that is not a factor because I sell my book cheaper than the average by just 5 cents. Its understood because price is a huge factor for many college students who are shopping on

5 Cents a gallon? Not likely soon!


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