Circle Center Mall

Arts Garden in Circle Center Mall


This past Tuesday, I went to the Circle Center mall in Indianapolis. I was in Indy for a doctor’s appointment. I headed over to the Mall to see if I could find any deals. I went in and out of many stores and have a lot to say about the consumer behavior in which I saw. Some were good and others were bad. The majority of the stores that I went into were dealing with sports or athletic gear. 

The first store I went into was a Colts Pro shop, upon walking in the manager greeted me and asked if i was looking for anything in particular. I was able to find a jacket but it was a size to big for me, the manager could notice it was big and he gave me the number of the other store in the area to call when they were open the following day, he said they might have it in stock. It was a great display of providing customer service. 

I went into another store that had a great deal of sports photos in frames priced from $20 to $800. I walked around the store looking for various pictures relating to Purdue university. I was walking around while the store clerk was watching a movie on his laptop. I came to the point to ask him a question about why there was not a great deal of Purdue pictures in the store. He did not hear me and had to pause his movie and have me repeat the question. He was not a great help, his response was they don’t sell fast, so we don’t have them. This is smart but he could have provided me with an alternative way to acquire these or even point out more Purdue pictures to me. Instead he continued to watch his movie while not worrying about helping out the customer. 

The  3rd store I entered was a Indianapolis Motor speedway/Indiana Pacer’s store that was a small store, when I walked in the clerk said hi to me and asked if he could help. To my surprise he had his cell phone on and he answered it and was talking on the cell phone the majority of the time while I was in the store looking for a great deal. He seemed not to care that I may be a potential customer. 

Inside of Circle Center Mall

The final store I entered was Lids, when I walked in there were 2 ladies at the counter and they greeted me and asked if there was any hat in particular I was looking for. I said I wanted to look around just to kinda mind my own business. They then offered to answer any questions I had. They told me about their special that they were offering a buy 1 and get the 2nd hat for 1/2 price. I started looking and found a few hats I was looking at and they asked if i needed help with sizing and I said I should be fine. There is a common theme here they were offering great service. I then went over to a wall closer to the counter to look at a few colts hat that were higher up and one of them came over and offered to get me a hat in my size in the design I was looking at. She noticed that my name was on my jacket and she proceeded to call me by my first name for the remainder of the time I was in the store. I finally found the combination I wanted to purchase. The only problem was I had the incorrect size in one of the hats. I asked if we could order online, they said yes and gave me the information to do so and told me to send it to the store so it would be free shipping for me. I greatly appreciated that and they did a great job with their customer service. 

While walking around the mall there were small displays with individual sellers, it was so strange to see everyone usually sitting there reading a book or checking email online with their phones. They were in a prime area where the majority of the traffic is done in a mall. If I were in a position like that I would have been out there trying to contact the customer as they pass by! 

I feel that consumers who enter the stores where the employees are on the phone and don’t care are going to be less likely to purchase from them. I had that feeling when entering half of the stores I did. I also feel that the consumers in the stores where the service was great they were much more likely to purchase their product. I just about bought something in 2 of the 4 stores, but due to the wrong size I did not purchase. others that entered the stores purchased items while I was there. I could see those customers with smiles on their faces and felt they were valued by the retailer! Customer service in these situation positively affected the consumer behavior to buy! It is a huge aspect of obtaining a new customer. I was just surprised to see the lack of customer service in half of the stores. The customers enter a store because they are interested in the product that is being sold, so why not try to persuade or provide adequate service to get them to purchase!


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