Samples are becoming common.

From Google Images

I have recently looked through my dorm room and notice that I have a great deal of Free Samples. It ranges from free Pop to contact solution. I enjoy going to various traveling shows. I have been to golf Shows in Indianapolis where venders are trying to get their new product out by giving samples to the target market. 

Next time you go to the grocery store you may notice that there will be people with booths trying to get you to try the newest flavor of food. It can be in any group whether it’s a dessert or a main meal. My brother worked at GFS while he was in Highschool. On a daily basis, they would have a display with a different type of food available in store. This was a great marketing scheme.

I have been recently been to a Career fair at Purdue and the companies had various giveaways. They had pens, highlighters, Golf tees, and Flash Drives. This is not necessarily samples as it is some advertising. Giving these items away allow the students to use them in class room settings where other classmates see them. That will promote their business and may get more students to contact them about a potential career.


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