Apartment Hunting

My roommate over the last few weeks has decided to look for an apartment for the next school year. His search has been an interesting one to follow. I have seen him go through a great deal of trouble in finding the right apartment. He has used the web and newspaper to find most of his leads for apartments that are not sold out yet.  He has found that many of the apartments were sold out in November. Thus his choice has been limited.

This past week he had narrowed it down to 2 different apartments that were listed online as not sold out. He then proceeded to rank them in priority and called the top one first. He set up an appointment with them on Wednesday morning where he was going to check out the apartment and potentially sign the lease. Upon arrival they told him in a matter of a few minutes that they were sold out of the apartment in which he was searching.

He then proceeded to contact the second apartment place of his choice. He set up a meeting with them for Thursday afternoon. When he arrived at the complex he was surprised to know that the woman was 10 minutes late. She arrived to find that she did not have the correct key to the apartment on her. She had to go back to her car and had the key in the vehicle. The place was close to a heavily traveled highway so the surrounding environment was loud. They proceeded to go in and look over the apartment after finding the right key and the condition of the apartment was not up to the standard that my roommate was looking for. At this time, she informed him that she did not even have the leasing contract with her to complete an agreement if he so desired. Upon the ending of the appointment the representative told him that if she did not call him with more information for him to call the following day. This was not an impressive apartment complex, my roommate has decided to continue looking elsewhere for a place to stay next year.

These 2 apartment complexes form my observations have great flaws in how they dealt with him. the first apartment complex was simply sold out, but did not inform him of that till he arrived to potentially sign the lease. They could have had updated information online, or informed him when he called to set up the appointment to discuss leasing the property. The second apartment complex had a representative that was unorganized and unprofessional. They did not have the right material on site and was not on time.  The location was a bit noisy and appeared uncomfortable to live in.  

Apartment hunting is not an easy task to do, it takes great time and research. I will have more to come on how my roommate feels about other apartments around campus!


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