My Cancer Testimonial

Driving the Boilermaker Special

I was diagnosed with Brain cancer when I was about 2 years old my parents realized that I was constantly sick. It was much more than just the common ear infection or runny nose that an infant gets. I was constantly having headaches and nausea. I was taken to my family doctor at the time who said I was just fine and there is nothing to be worried about. My mom was a nurse and knew something was wrong and got a second opinion. Upon getting the second opinion they told my parents that I had brain cancer.

They had to make a decision about my procedure; I was given some radiation and Chemotherapy prior to surgery. This was a very risky operation on an infant. I was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis where I had the operation done by a children doctor. I had the operation done and personally I do not remember much besides I now have a scar that reminds me daily of my battle with cancer. I have been cancer free since 1991 which has been over 25 years without cancer!  I was very blessed to have survived.

If you are interested in supporting cancer research go to, where you can donated to cancer research and sign up for the Challenge 5K walk/run that will be held in West Lafayette, Indiana. This is a little about me, the majority of these posts have been about Consumer behavior up to this point. I figured I would change it up a bit and give some background information.

Dying Father Surprises his Daughters with a touching act!

Dying Father Surprises his Daughters with a touching act!

This is just amazing you have to check the above link out and watch the video!

Motivation, where do you get it from?

Motivation is something that you can control by how you react to life and those who are around you! I have a few motivational posters here that may bring some light to you and your situation. For most of my life, I have had people tell me that I couldn’t or shouldn’t be able to accomplish something. The only thing that this did and continues to do is to motivate me to prove people wrong. Sometimes in tough situations you find that family and friends may question or even doubt you, but that is when you find out who really has your back and supports you! Enjoy these posters, I just did a search on motivational posters on Google and this is some of what showed up! I think that the last one is the best!








Watch TV and earn rewards, Viggle


Have you ever wondered if you could earn rewards while watching television? You can! If you have a smart phone either android or Apple iPhone. You can download Viggle. Whats this, It’s an app that allows you to check into television shows earn points and redeem them for prizes and gifts! They will let you check-in by just listening to your Television and you will be able to take quizzes and also chat with others who are currently watching that show as well.  Prices include Starbucks gift cards, Apple TV, and even a Kindle Fire.

Market Force Mystery Shopper

I have been looking around recently for mystery shopper companies. They allow you to shop at various stores or restaurants, get free products or food while being paid! I saw many shopper companies out there and I have had friends and family members use this mystery shopper site. Most shopper sites required you to pay for a membership without any guarantee that you would be selected for a shopper.  This site is different you have to go online and apply at I went online and applied last Thursday and was accepted on Friday. Today, I accepted my first assignment. I will be completing less than a week after applying online.

This company will allow me to do shopping reports with companies such as:

Image Image ImageImage

Making Money Online Accomplished. No Joke! ZNZ one

Making Money Online Accomplished. No Joke! ZNZ one

This past weekend, I spent the weekend traveling to Boston to visit my brother Keith Spencer. He was very helpful and talked to me about making money online with ZNZ One. I was and have been skeptical, I believed though it was time to act. I went online and signed up for ZNZ one and it has made me a believer. How you do this is you go to ZNZ one and sign up using my referral link. I will give you $3 for your signup once you go online and select the trial of for just $1.99. This will allow you to earn $20 for referring people to this site as well and doing the same. You will be able to also select a domain .com website that you can use to market for you or your business.

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HP notebooks a joke.. saved by the warrenty!

HP Laptop -From Google Images-


Three years ago I purchased a HP Pavillion 6000 series Laptop. I purchased this for my education and to have a computer that will last me through 4 years of school. I did a great deal of research at the time into which computer would be best for me to purchase. 

I finally decided to buy a laptop from Circuit city. There were many different factors that went into this. The main reason was that they offered a service called Fire Dog that would allow for a 4 year warranty with the laptop. If ANYTHING went wrong with the laptop they assured me they would fix it free of charge! This would even cover if you were in the dorm and accidently spilled some beverage all over the computer ruining the computer they would fix it. This cost at the time about $380.00. I also liked the display of computers that they had at the store and got the computer that was right for me. The up front cost of this worried me about a warranty for a computer. I wanted to make sure though that I would have a computer that worked for 4 years and get me through college! 

Did I ever know how much this warranty would come through. Since I have had this computer I have sent this computer in ten or more times! I have sent the computer in every summer with a list of problems that would occur during the school year. Many of them were issues that I would put up with and deal with on a daily basis. This was because I needed my computer for school work and was unable to send it for repair. I have not been able to go a 3 month Period without something being wrong with the laptop.  Each summer I realize how valuable the warranty is at the same time how bad the HP is. 

From Google Images


I have had trouble with the HP Laptop 3 times in the last month. I have sent it in for repair each time, it has seem to be routine for me to not have my laptop over the summer months. Recently I took my laptop into the local RadioShack in Braintree, MA. Since Circuit City shut down Radio Shack has took over the warranties and repairs for them. They took a week and a half to send it out because they did not have the right box and had to wait for it to come into the store. Thus have been without my laptop since late May! Due to sending it in for multiple problems that always seem to pop up.  

I spoke with the warranty company today about the replacement of the unit and they have determined that with all they have paid for my repairs, parts, shipping, etc.. that a replacement would be fitting. I am glad to hear this for it’s a relief to know I may not have to fight with my HP laptop anymore!
Needless to say this is not just a rant and does apply to consumer behavior.  More and more times recently I realize that companies are offering extended warranties for their products. This is more than just the typical 1 year limited warranty on most products. They may be expensive up front, but in the long run can save you a bunch of money. I have had my motherboard replaced 4 times on my laptop causing fees enough to buy at least 2 new laptops. These fees have not been on my shoulder but on Circuit City who I purchased the 4 year warranty from when purchasing the computer. HP will no longer help me out but because of the extended warranty I have been in luck.

So next time you purchase something you think a warranty is too much up front it can save a lot of money and provide a much-needed assurance that you will have repairs to product issues. It may take some tedious work of calling in and sending the product in for repair. In the long run it will be worth the investment.

Dinning out at more expensive restaurants!

From Google Images


Today I was reading some articles online and I found this article related to eating out in the down economy.  It talks about how consumers are ready to dine out again! They are more willing to eat out more than in the past! This is a good sign to restaurant owners and other business owners.  

If consumers are more willing to eat out with their family then they will be more likely to continue shopping at high-end stores and they will buy more expensive products. This is also in a time where there are a great amount of deals going on for customers.  You can go to Logan’s and get 2 entrees for just $13. They are trying to appeal more with specials to get more business. This trend is working and bringing guests back to the store.  

CHICAGO (April  13, 2010) Consumer behavior patterns are shifting for the better for restaurants, according to a new study conducted by market research firm The NPD Group, with less consumers cutting back on dining out, and fewer customers searching for deals.  

NPD Groups March 2010 Survey


Data collected for a recent study, “Light at the End of the Tunnel … What Can We Expect,” found that respondents were less focused on controlled spending and price points or deals at restaurants during a March study, compared with responses in a June 2009 survey. Fewer respondents also said they were trading down in restaurant selections or sacrificing visits to restaurants.  

“It’s clear from our research and other indicators that consumers are feeling more positive about the economy,” Bonnie Riggs, NPD’s restaurant industry analyst said in a statement. “Our survey findings, combined with other publicly reported information on restaurants’ improving status, suggest a move toward recovery may be starting soon if it is not already underway.”  

About 27 percent of NPD respondents said in March that they chose less expensive restaurants more often, down from the 32 percent of respondents that said they were changing their restaurant habits a year ago. The number of respondents that said they were looking for good restaurant deals also fell, from 29 percent a year ago to 22 percent in the latest survey. Respondents that said they visited restaurant less often also fell, from 18 percent a year ago to 14 percent in March.  

In addition to the consumer behaviors beginning to favor restaurants, NPD found that same-store sales trends at quick-service and family-dining chains are at their most positive levels in the last 11 months. Based on the firm’s SalesTrac Weekly research, NPD said that of the 47 quick-service and family chains it follows, same-store sales have increased during four of the last six weeks.  

Still, Riggs said the industry has a tough road ahead, as restaurant industry traffic fell 3 percent for the latest year ended in February, marking 14 consecutive months of declines.  

“Our forecasting model shows that the industry will remain weak for at least another seven months,” Riggs said. “Additionally, once losses moderate, it will likely take more than a year to recover lost visits, but there are strong indications that the industry is now moving in the right direction.”  

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